Own extrusions in reach of fabricators

Offering rapid turnaround and flexible capacity, Euroseal said it can support fabricators and plastic building products specialists reduce overheads through bespoke extrusion of products.

This includes extrusion to project specific requirements, reducing wastage and costs, as well as product development.

Chris Duff, business development manager, said: “We operate without any real limitations because everything we do is bespoke. It means we aren’t constrained by standard lengths or dimensions. If you want something that’s normally available at a 3m length at a 2m length, then we’ll cut it for you.

“This means you reduce waste and either increase margin, or the competitiveness of your quote, because you don’t have to factor it into your cost model.

“In the same way, if you want a particular colour for a specific project, we have the flexibility to do it.”

Euroseal can manufacture a diverse range of thermoplastic extrusions, including rigid profile and co-extrusions in PVC, wood composite, HDPE, polystyrene, polypropylene, and ABS.

With capacity to extrude profile from 40g/m to 6kg/m and 0.7mm-10mm thick, this includes construction products including curtain walling pressure plates, conservatory and window profiles, and cladding.

“One of the other things that we can do is work with fabricators, plastics suppliers or even installers to refine products,” Chris said. “We have so many conversations with people commenting on the off-the-shelf profile that they buy where they say, ‘if only it was slightly different it would be much better’ – the point is it can be.”