Extended brochure

Prefix Systems has published a new 28-page Extended Living consumer brochure, which is designed to communicate all the benefits of different additional living space options and also useful for the trade.

Conservatories, orangeries and flat rooflights are covered in the glazed roofing section, which also includes glass performance details. There are also product details for the LivinRoom pelmet, super insulated corner posts, and a Cornice or gutter shroud. The contemporary Urbanroom is detailed, along with the features of solid roofs and extensions, including Warmroof Hybrid and Livinroof.

A number of mini case studies are also carried in the brochure with before and after images and a double page on other products to consider including windows, doors and the outdoor Verandah.

This new consumer brochure ican be used by businesses that want to use this as their main brochure, with the option to overprint with customer details on it. The overall branding of the new brochure also sits fits with all of the other marketing support materials, which are outlined in the company’s dedicated 20-page marketing brochure.

Hannah Gilrane, marketing co-ordinator for Prefix Systems, said: “This new Extended Living brochure is an important part of our marketing portfolio, highlighting all of the investments that homeowners can make in additional living space and outdoor living solutions.”