Enhance office space with CRL solutions

Designed to create a private area while maintaining an open-plan flow in a contemporary office environment, CRL’s office partitions enable architects and designers to achieve a bespoke configuration using CRL hardware.

Glass partitions are an effective way of zoning larger spaces to create meeting rooms and quiet areas without obstructing the flow of natural light and movement. CRL hardware can be combined in various ways to create a bespoke office partition using corner profiles, flat bars and a U profile glazing channel.

Ideal for creating a framed look, the CRL 90° aluminium corner profile, is available in bright anodised, satin anodised, matte black, satin brass and bright gold anodised, along with the CRL aluminium flat bar which at 19mm wide and 1.5mm thick can be used to create a popular lattice effect on all-glass partition walls.

The CRL aluminium U profile glazing channel has a deep pocket for securing fixed glass panels for straightforward and safe installation and is available in 17 finishes.

For office partitions with doors, the CRL hydraulic patch fitting is designed to be flush mounted for a seamless look.

Designed for use with 10mm to 12mm monolithic toughened glass, the hinge allows for a maximum door weight of 100kg and width of 1,000mm. With an adjustable closing speed, installation is quick and simple, with no hole in the floor required, making it ideally suited for retrofit projects.