Endurance extends colour offer

Endurance Doors has extended its colour offering with the introduction of ‘claystone’.

Russell Hensman, group marketing manager at Endurance Doors, said: “At Endurance Doors, we’re proud to manufacture composite doors with a whole host of added and innovative features.

“These features include a profile that’s up to 10% thicker than most other composite doors for greater security and energy efficiency, a more sustainable solid timber core, and a unique moisture barrier system that prevents water ingression at the foot of the door which can cause it to swell and warp.

“But our focus isn’t just on practical performance. We also recognise that form is every bit as important as functionality. The introduction of our doors in a new claystone colour reflects that, as well as our wider appreciation of interior and architectural design.”

According to colour experts, including interior designers and major paint manufacturers, the latest colour trends include basic neutrals, warm shades, and vintage inspired hues. These colours are said to be proving popular due to their ability to make spaces feel welcoming, calming and comforting.

Other en vogue colours include brown, beiges, and clay shades. According to Endurance, these colours, because of their earthy tone, provide a sense of stability and a connection to the natural world.