Easy to install and easy to adjust

The CRL Posiglaze system makes the installation of glass balconies and balustrades without a handrail for a minimal and high-end finish more straightforward than ever, the company has announced.

A fully adjustable glass balustrade system, CRL Posiglaze, uses a unique clamping design and a quick and easy adjustable method to align glass panels when a handrail is not desired.

Designed out of extruded aluminium, the system is lightweight yet strong. Posiglaze uses a simple adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each glass panel making it fully adjustable and possible to install even on an uneven surface.

Installation is possible in four steps: fit the base channel to the substructure; clip the glass side clamps to the bottom edge of the glass panel; position the glass in the channel; and attach the cover strip and bead gasket.

Tested and engineered to meet Building Regulations (with the appropriate fixing and glass thickness) in both domestic and commercial installations, CRL Posiglaze is suitable for many applications from residential to commercial settings. The surface mount and the fascia mount base shoes can both accommodate 12mm to 21.52mm glass thanks to the unique clamp kit design, providing a versatile, easy-to-use installation method for rail-free glass balustrades.