Easy handling

Multiroller is a new hand tool designed to easily transport doors, windows, building boards and glass.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by C3 Roller, MultiRoller received the Norwegian Design Council award for good design, and is available in two sizes: B 12.0 with a 12cm internal width; and B 16.7 with a wider internal width of 16.7cm.

“MultiRoller provides a good solution to a well-known problem of moving and carrying doors, window and building panels over shorter distances,” the Norwegian Design Council said, describing it as “smart and simple”.

MultiRoller B 12.0 is recommended for use with single and double glazed window units, while MultiRoller B 16.7 is recommended for use with triple glazed units and sliding doors that have a wide frame.

“Multiroller has a number of benefits,” C3 Roller director Mark Willett said. “Since it is small and easy to handle, it makes your workforce more efficient on the factory floor.

“It also helps companies meet health and safety requirements, enabling payloads of up to 250kg to be transported easily without risk of injury.

“Furthermore, it is gentle on floor coverings and results in fewer breakages.”

One recent user said: “What really impresses is how easy it is to swing around corners and passes over door thresholds.”