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The Multiblindo security lock is the latest addition to Jack Aluminium Systems’ range of emergency access and anti-panic door systems.

The lock and 3-star cylinder from Iseo includes a fully enclosed steel lock case and reinforced bolts with carbon-nitrite steel layers for high cut and drill protection.

The locking system is also multi-functional and can be specified in an electronically operated version. Specifiers can choose from a key pad, switch or key fob for access to the building.

Sales manager at Jack Aluminium Ash Pearson said: “Specifying emergency exit doors which are highly secure can be tricky for contractors and developers. On one hand, the door needs to be easily opened from the inside, but on the other hand, it needs to be really secure from the outside.

“It’s a case of balancing these requirements in order to tick all the boxes and that’s why we have invested so much in developing secure emergency exit door systems combined with the most appropriate hardware.”

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