Dramatic rise in machinery sales

Haffner Murat has reported a dramatic rise in sales of its SMR-5 welder.

Haffner Murat’s managing director Dave Thomas said: “We’re delighted this five-head welder is proving so popular. It is the fastest and most accurate welder on the market today and has been designed to add value to every fabricator’s set up.”

In a single operation it can weld four squares. It’s also capable of welding two corner/transom/corner windows or one window and two sashes in a single operation. It can weld five H welds in less than four minutes and change from corners to transoms in seconds.

There’s touch screen control with memory positioning and all operations can be controlled automatically via the PLC.

“The SMR-5 Welder gives fabricators what they need in the current market,” Dave said. “It’s a machine that speeds up production and improves quality at the same time, allowing them to compete at every level.”