Doubling up

Pembrokeshire-based Trade Frame Manufacturers visited the FIT Show in 2016 because they were in need of some new equipment, and ended up partnering with Kombimatec.

Choosing a 4HDV Four Combination Head Welder and six-axis CNC corner, transom and cruciform cleaner, Trade Frame’s Russ Evans explained what sold the company on Kombimatec’s range.

“The fact that they are a UK based manufacturer was a huge plus for us,” he said. “This way if we ever need any replacements parts or a service it’s easy enough to sort out.”

Russ also said the customer service was excellent.

“It’s been very good! I really can’t fault them,” he said. “The delivery and installation went without a hitch and because of that we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kombimatec to others who might be on the market looking for new machinery.”

Providing greater fabrication flexibility than ever before, Kombimatec’s 4HDV Four Combination Head Welder comes with individual start buttons for each head that enables the machine to be operated from any head. Essentially two machines in one, it can be used as four heads together, 2+2, 3+1 or 1+3.

The EV475 six-axis CNC corner, transom and cruciform cleaner has two separate sets of cleaning tools, each with their own independent programmable movements, and it can work on both sides of the joint at the same time. This speeds up the overall cycle time because transoms and cruciforms can be cleaned in one complete clamping sequence.