DoorCo enhances Flip glazing cassette system

Two years on from the initial launch, DoorCo has re-innovated its revolutionary door glazing cassette system, Flip, in response to customer feedback and the latest requirements for the product. The glazing system is now said to be more robust and even quicker to install.

Mark Towers, head of operations, explained the changes: “The Flip system was introduced to the market back in 2021, bringing radical benefits such as Foam In Place technology and unique designs and finishes. It was an innovative design back then but at DoorCo we never stand still and in reaction to customer feedback, we’ve further improved the product.

“The benefits that our cassette customers love remains unchanged,” he continued. “The Foam In Place technology, where the system is pre-foamed at our Macclesfield warehouse making the Flip system highly weather-resistant and totally re-glazeable, as well as the quickest and easiest system to glaze in the marketplace as it requires no glazing tape or wet seals.

“Added to that, the variety of the range – our three finishes and number of useable designs – exceeds that of our competitors and has allowed our customers and theirs to have more options than ever.

“We keep in close contact with our customers, and it is their feedback that drives our innovation,” said Mark.

“Together, we’ve explored how the core components perform, what slows it down or causes inconvenience during installation and what do the industry standards require over the next five years. It became clear that the original innovative connector designs were an area we could make even better.

“The new connector systems have been built with security and installation in mind. They are now both substantially more robust, simpler to use and provide added security features. For example, the new corners and straight connectors come in two parts so they can clamp to the inside and outside of the door and glass. One part is also prefixed to the external cassette, making glass installation much easier. We have added additional corner bosses to the cassette frames helping to reduce corner flair, which in turn delivers more security with the three screw corner connector system in each corner.

“The internal straight and corners connector are also now pre-screwed, taking away another step from the installation process. Albeit a small thing, when working at volume any time savings make a big difference,” he added.

“Flip can now be installed in a twin vertical door like our Carnoustie in around seven minutes, thanks to these small changes. Don’t take our word for it though, why not take the challenge and see if Flip is quicker than your current system!”

Focusing on the importance of re-innovating key products, Michelle Kirkham, sales and customer services manager, added: “Our customers are at the core of everything we do, and their feedback is always the driving force for any product changes we make.

“Flip is much-loved by our customers but that doesn’t stop us keeping our ears to the ground and progressing the development of it further.

“The changes we’ve made are centred around product quality and ease of use, two things of great importance to our customers and therefore key priorities for us. We’re really excited to be launching version two of Flip and are looking forward to hearing further feedback as our network begin to use it.”