Domestic aluminum

In the last 18 months, Customade has increased aluminium output by 80% and is taking on new members to its Real Aluminium Installer Network every single week.

Since launching Real Aluminium earlier last year, Customade has been educating installers about the wealth of resources that are available to help them move into aluminium with confidence.

Claire Miller, Customade Group’s marketing manager, said: “Many installers are hesitant about aluminium because, historically, it was difficult and complex to price and the lead times were painfully long. We wanted to help those installers to unlock the enormous potential of aluminium and benefit from the higher profit margins that it can bring.”

Ross-on-Wye installer Monmouthshire Conservatory Company made tentative steps into aluminium four years ago.

Chris Atwell, owner of Monmouthshire Conservatory Company, said: “Our first experience with aluminium was pretty frustrating, but sadly those lead times were typical back then.”

Monmouthshire began installing aluminium glazed roofing systems from Customade’s sister company Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions and heard about Real Aluminium soon afterwards.

Since moving to Customade, aluminium has grown rapidly for Monmouthshire and now accounts for around 50% of its business.