Demand for slimline units soars

Slenderline Glass has grown by 40% in 12 months, the company has reported.

The Kent-based firm, which is part of the EJ Cocker Group, has seen demand for its heritage sealed units grow thanks to investment and a brand-building strategy undertaken with Purplex.

Andy Cocker, director at Slenderline Glass, said: “The last 12 months have been incredibly busy as demand has skyrocketed and more joiners, builders and installers across the country discover Slenderline’s unique proposition. We are incredibly proud especially as the market becomes even tougher for smaller sealed unit manufacturers like us.”

According to the latest industry report conducted by Insight Data, the number of IGU manufacturers is decreasing as large-scale manufacturers dominate the market, producing thousands of sealed units every week. However, the specialist nature of Slenderline’s heritage sealed units has helped the company to buck the trend.

“Our sealed units prove so popular because they offer authentic, heritage aesthetics with cutting-edge thermal performance thanks to specialist warm edge technology,” Andy said. “We believe this provides joiners, builders, contractors and installers with an opportunity to really stand out from their competitors and confidently enter the heritage market with a unique and proven conservation-friendly product.”