Cut above

Apeer’s doors have passed the latest PAS24 cut test, in accordance with Approved Document Q requirements – without having to alter the spec of its existing doors.

Every door in its Apeer, Modo, Double Diamond and Lumi Composite ranges was put through the full physical testing process but, as marketing manager Linda Tomb explained, the test was only a formality.

“All of those doors were already well within the specification to pass the revised test,” she said. “No one doubted they would sail through but certification is now a standard requisite in sectors such as new-build.”

Apeer products have held PAS24 since the standard was introduced in 2007, as well as its subsequent updates. The latest of these requires a door to withstand a specific attack using chisels and a Stanley-type knife for a minimum of three minutes.

“We see the demand for higher specification coming from both legislation and from customers and homeowners themselves, so any fabricator or installer offering our doors is already at the forefront in giving them what they want,” Linda said.

“As far as anyone can see, the demand for better security can only go on growing among consumers [and] we know that Apeer doors are ready to meet that demand.”