Customer workshops

Real Aluminium workshops have now been attended by 150 installers, and many delegates have reported that their aluminium sales have trebled since they became a Real Aluminium installer.

The Real Customer Day has been a popular element of Real Aluminium since the brand was launched last year and Customade is well on course to attract 100 more installers to one of its sessions by the end of 2017.

Held at Customade Group’s headquarters in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, the workshops provide installers with an understanding of the tools available to help them enter the aluminium market.

Claire Miller, Customade Group’s marketing director, said: “The message resonating at a Real Customer Day is that aluminium doesn’t have to be arduous and it really is as easy as child’s play to make the move towards aluminium. The response, both from aluminium veterans and newbies, has been terrific and installers unanimously agree that Real Aluminium has delivered a fantastic boost for their businesses.”