The Force 8 Decadence range of composite doors has achieved PAS 24 and is document Q compliant.

The test was carried out at ERA’s new factory in Wolverhampton. One of the new Force 8 Zermatt doors was used for the test, fitted with the auto lock system and thumb turn.

Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8, said: “We wanted to test a door that was straight off the production line, and is one of the most popular, which happened to be the auto lock system fitted with a long stainless steel handle.”

Before the test started while the door was set in the test rig, it was adjusted by Force 8 as it would be during a normal installation, to make sure the door opened a closed with ease. “We wanted to make sure the test would be as authentic as possible, the door was opened and closed as normal and the thumb turn locked as it would be in any household before the test commenced,” Dennis said.

Although looking a bit battered and bruised, the door still held its structural integrity, and passed the test.