Commercial demand

Dundee-based Ravensby Glass has installed a new automated Forel line for applying Edgetech’s Super Spacer TriSeal.

With the installation of the new TriSeal line, the firm saif it has significantly increased its ability to provide high-performing IGUs for commercial clients.

Managing director Gordon Dickson said: “We use TriSeal because we know it guarantees the kind of long-lasting, top quality IGUs that commercial projects require.

“In recent years, we’ve experienced growing demand from the commercial sector, and so investing in an automated TriSeal application line was the natural next step.

“It’s now fully up and running, and we’re delighted with the speed, efficiency and consistent quality it’s able to offer.”

Edgetech’s managing director Chris Alderson said: “It’s hugely gratifying to see long-standing customers like Ravensby succeeding and investing in the future.”

Ravensby plans to install another new TriSeal line, this time to benefit the domestic side of its business.