Colour drives sales

Doorco’s sales in coloured and painted composite doors grew by around 75% in 2017/18, and is currently seeing a 12% increase on the year to date for 2019, the company has reported.

Dan Sullivan, MD of Doorco, said: “It has in fact become such a major part of our offering, we even have our own creative consultant, Jeyda, who is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in colour across the entrances of homes and businesses.

“Taking it to the extreme, Doorco customer Vista displayed a particularly colourful door at this year’s FIT Show. The door took inspiration from Sir Paul Smith with his signature stripes and incorporated a spectrum of colours and shades. These iconic multi-coloured stripes have lent themselves to a plethora of lively designs, including now making it on to an installed Doorco door.”

Doorco has two advanced paint lines in-house, and a skilled workforce, which means it can produce bespoke products without outsourcing to secondary suppliers.

“This gives us complete control of what we do and allows us to be an innovative supplier, which is key in order to stand out in the current market,” Dan said.

“The rise in popularity of two-tone doors, has seen colour on the outside, woodgrain effect on the inside. Just one recent example the Doorco team have painted is a door with anthracite grey on the inside and pink on the outside.

“Doorco is not creating the trend, but we have made sure we are fully prepared and equipped to react to this growing demand from customers. It’s no longer about simply delivering a grey door with a nice handle, the colour options are getting more and more varied. As a business at the forefront of delivering on these trends, it’s exciting to see where it might end. We would certainly predict that the traditional standard colours will be less and less in demand in the next few years, and a variety of colour options will keep the composite door sector strong for years to come.”