Clear corporate conscience

Whether starting a company from scratch or seeking to move away from an existing provider, choosing PVCU profile is a big decision, and one that could impact the profitability of your company. Liniar’s marketing director Sue Davenport explains how the company’s new brochure – Making the Change – is helpful when talking to profile suppliers.

One of the first rules of marketing is to listen to your customers, and that begins at the stage you first start speaking to them, before they’ve bought a single item.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a wide range of fabricators over the last few years, and every time they tell me why they chose Liniar, I learned something new. Everyone has different motivations and criteria for selecting a new supplier, and we thought putting all of these reasons together in one handy book would be helpful to others going down the same route.

Beginning the process of choosing a new or additional systems company means asking yourself questions about what you want for your business. We often find that price is the first consideration, but even this goes much deeper.

In our experience, price is one of the last things to be discussed. In fact, many of our customers can testify that it actually didn’t form a large part of the decision-making process. It’s about understanding what customers want and need, and making sure it can be delivered. Price is simply a part of that.

Liniar’s Making the Change brochure covers more than three dozen areas for fabricators to consider, from the product range itself to service delivery excellence; also covering marketing and technical support to sustainability, accreditations and investment levels.

Initial feedback from fabricators who’ve seen the Making the Change brochure has been phenomenal; they feel the guide really does help them to pick out the few things are really important to them, and ask the right questions of the people they’re speaking to.

We’d urge fabricators to use Making the Change as a checklist, no matter what systems companies they’re considering.

Crucially, even if they don’t choose Liniar as their systems company, we feel that we’ve helped them along their journey, and that also feels like a positive change in the industry.