Edgetech will be showcasing Super Spacer’s versatility at Glasstec.

The firm will be celebrating the hundreds of building projects that Super Spacer has helped bring to life from Scandinavia to the Middle East, including Zaha Hadid’s the Opus in Dubai, and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

Edgetech’s managing director Chris Alderson, said: “Our aim at Glasstec is to show the industry just what Super Spacer can do. From minus-degree temperatures to the deserts of the Gulf, time and time again Super Spacer has offered outstanding performance as part of some of the most striking and ambitious buildings on the planet.

Its structural foam absorbs the pumping motion caused by rapid increases and drops in temperature, preventing wear on the primary seal and ensuring longevity in any climate zone. And its flexibility means it can be incorporated into units in whatever weird and wonderful shape an architect can dream up.”