Brighter times?

Forecasts from the CPA (Consumer Products Association) hint that brighter times might be just around the corner for the construction industry.

While expecting that UK construction output could drop by 25% this year, it also predicts the sector will bounce back by 26% in 2021, raising the prospect of a dramatic V-shape recovery for our industry.

These forecasts offer hope for many businesses that supply into construction, but while this may present exciting opportunities for supply businesses, it’s likely to create new challenges too, according to Insight Data.

With a surge in new building projects, many supply companies will double down on marketing efforts to try and secure new business. Beating off the competition could become increasingly difficult in the months ahead, with many companies looking for ways to cut through the noise.

Operations director Jade Greenhow said Insight Data’s prospect targeting solutions can help businesses to connect with the best prospects, and she has seen a significant increase in interest since businesses returned from lockdown.

“Here at Insight Data, we excel at equipping our clients with dynamic data solutions to help them target the most relevant prospects,” she said.

“Salestracker is the most powerful tool we offer to supply businesses data needs within the construction and fenestration industries. it is the world’s first fully integrated sales and marketing platform, designed exclusively for the building and fenestration industry. It enables users to filter down extensive lists of prospects to ensure they are reaching the most relevant businesses for their services or products.

“This powerful tool stores important data collected from companies across a wide range of businesses within the construction and fenestration industries, including trade counters, installers and fabricators.”