Bohle VetroMount balustrade achieves 1.5kN line-loading

Bohle’s easy-fit VetroMount balustrade system has achieved a 1.5kN line-loading making it suitable for the growing light commercial market, in addition to pre-existing approvals for domestic use.

VetroMount has been designed by Bohle to simplify balustrade installation, eliminating the requirement for specialist tools and reducing fixing costs.

With pre-existing approvals for domestic use with a 0.74kN line loading, the post and rail-free system can be upgraded to a 1.5kN system using additional glass carriers and in combination with a 21.5mm PVB laminate, so it remains just as easy to fit.

It follows successful testing this month [August] to BS6180:2011.

Dave Broxton, managing director, Bohle said: “VetroMount is a complete system for balustrades with a wide variety of profiles, corners and finishes.

“Now, with 21.5mm PVB laminated glass, a 1.5kN line load can be achieved meaning the product can confidently be installed in commercial areas open to the public such as footways, pavements, retail spaces, bars, restaurants and vehicular areas, including stairs and landings.”

VetroMount is available in a standard face or floor fixing option; a flush-finish; and a third, ‘Y’ shaped channel, which tapers down to the face of the substrate, to create a clean minimalist finish.

Each minimises fixings, while making installation simple using Bohle’s patented zip-fix technology and cradle to hold the glass firmly in the channel. This also makes alignment easy, with simple adjustment.

Available in standard 2.5m and 5m lengths, VetroMount accommodates glass thickness of up to 21.5mm. It’s also counterbored, which means its suitable for use with standard, rather than more expensive counter-fix fixings.

“Demand for domestic balustrading has been massive,” continued Dave. “Now fully tested to a 1.5kN line load, VetroMount is now suited to a broader range of applications including retail and commercial uses, while remaining very simple to fit and to adjust on site.

“With a number of cost efficiencies built-in, including the use of standard rather than counter-fix fittings, VetroMount, plus a choice of three profiles, VetroMount maximises also maximises both opportunities and margins.”