BIM in a basket

Eurocell has reimagined the way designers and specifiers access its BIM models, which has resulted in the BIM Centre, where finding and downloading the right BIM models is quick and fast, and updates are delivered automatically.

Users can sign up free to the BIM Centre in a matter of minutes and then use Eurocell’s new search and filter tool to find the models they need. Rather than downloading models one-by-one, they all go into a BIM basket to be downloaded en masse at the end of the process.

The models downloaded by each user will also be stored in a personalised BIM Library for quick and easy access at a later date. And by signing up for automated updates, BIM Centre members will receive an email to let them know when models have changed.

If specifiers can’t find the model they need, the BIM Centre has a simple ‘Request a BIM’ function which will be handled by Eurocell’s technical support team. Eurocell will also be showcasing some to provide inspiration and know-how.

“We know from talking to our customers that getting the right BIM models can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming experience,” said Eurocell’s head of marketing Chris Coxon. “The idea behind our BIM Centre was to make everything as hassle-free as possible, and to make sure that people always have access to the latest information.”