Beyond silicone

Eurocell depots up and down the West Country are now stocking TP650 Trio installation tape from Illbruck.

Yeovil’s branch manager Jay Hannam said: “My customers love TP650. Initially, quite a few of them were sceptical. Like most installers around the country, most of them had been using silicone for years, if not decades, and saw no reason to use anything else. However, installers realise that if they’re going to thrive in that ever-changing commercial environment, they need to start considering sealant solutions beyond silicone – and when they hear about the performance of TP650, it’s not long before they want to give it a try.”

TP650 Trio is a pre-compressed, multi-functional polyurethane tape that’s impregnated with flame-retardant resin. Designed for new-build and replacement installations, it’s quick and simple to apply, and is vapour-permeable while still offering driving rain resistance of up to 600 Pa.

The tape is also fully compliant with BS8213-4:2016 CoP for the survey and installation of windows and external door sets, and the Glass and Glazing Federation’s Guide to Good Practice.