Bet leads to birth of secondary glazing firm

In 2012, two directors of fabricator Roseview debated the future of secondary glazing.

Director A argued that secondary glazing was a relic; given rapidly advancing technology, it was effectively ‘dead’, and that there was no point trying to resurrect it. Director B disagreed – and so the two directors made a bet.

‘A’ wagered that if Roseview formed its own secondary glazing business, it wouldn’t be successful. ‘B’ argued it would. And as a result, Incarnation Window Systems was born.

Five years down the line, and it transpired that there was a huge consumer appetite for Incarnation’s secondary glazing – not just among Roseview’s customers who benefited from a dual supply, but also from window companies and installers that saw a business opportunity.

Today, Incarnation has reached the 100 SDG units a week mark, and there are plans to make further investments in staff and infrastructure in the months ahead.

Company director Paul Bygrave said: “With Incarnation, we’ve not only been able to prove that secondary glazing’s appeal is significantly broader than many in the industry might have suspected but we’ve set up a well-sustained and versatile fabrication business that meets the needs of the existing market.

“We seemed to gain a huge amount of customer numbers very quickly by doing the simple things right. Many of our enquiries lead straight to orders as we make the sale of secondary glazing easy for our customers.”

Steve Bygrave, Roseview chairman, said: “It’s been fantastic to watch Incarnation thrive over the last five years – and to have come from nothing to 100 frames a week in such a relatively short space is time is an incredible achievement for Paul and his team.

“When the business first started, it was very much a side-line – simply intended to give existing Roseview trade customers another string to their bow. Now, it’s really taken off and is running off its own steam. In fact, Roseview has started to win sales off the back of Incarnation’s success, which is great to see. I’m confident it’s got an amazing future ahead of it.”

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