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Buckinghamshire-based Roseview has added Lifetime Homes to the list of industry standards its products can meet.  

For 25 years, the Lifetime Homes initiative has been ensuring that new-build properties are accessible for people throughout their lifetimes, from youth to old age. To achieve the accreditation, handles on the windows must be no-more than 1,200mm above the floor level so disabled homeowners and wheelchair users can operate them with ease.

On a casement window this may not be a problem, but achieving the same on a sash window has traditionally been trickier, largely due to its classic vertical-sliding design.

Now, though, Roseview has come up with a series of creative solutions that allow its windows to comply fully with Lifetime Homes requirements – including magnetic catches fitted to the foot of the bottom sash that allow users to unlock the window without having to use a key.

“Property developers, housing associations and other organisations are increasingly seeking to specify Lifetime Homes windows for major projects,” said Roseview marketing manager Mike Bygrave. “So there’s an obvious business case for fabricators to start producing Lifetime Homes-compliant windows, and for installers to start offering them.

“But for us, it’s about a lot more than that – we want every one of products to be accessible as possible, for all users regardless of age or ability. As such, we’re delighted to be able to offer that option on our Rose Collection windows – and will always go the extra mile to produce a product that fits any standard or achieves any accreditation that our customers want them to.”

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