A frame in under 25 seconds

The latest Roweldo XL frame welder from Rottler and Rüdiger now makes a Swisspacer warm edge frame in less than 25 seconds with a new robotic speed-up kit.

The Roweldo XL is a high-performance fully-automated welding machine designed for large-scale sealed unit makers. It has cut production cycle times by 17% for Italian sealed unit manufacturer Predari Vetri.

The new robot welder with the speed-up kit uses four generators – two more than previous versions – to generate more rapid energy pulses, so corners can be welded even faster than before. The profile feed-in has been optimised and the milling length now automatically adapts to the width of the spacer bar.

Therefore, the IGU maker achieves time savings of around 17%. The standard sized Roweldo is still capable of creating a stable and sturdy 900mm x 900mm frame in less than 30 seconds.

Andreas Geith, managing director of Swisspacer, said: “Until now, cycle times for traditionally bent spacer bars and welded Swisspacer spacer bars have been almost identical. The speed up kit is a great advancement and makes perfect welded frames in less than 25 seconds.”

Daniele Predari, MD of Predari Vetri, said: “As far as we can see, there are no faster options on the market. Any of our orders can include different frame sizes, spacer bar widths or colours. That is why the quick profile change is another advantage for us. We had reached maximum output in terms of cycle times with the bending machines. The increased efficiency gained from the new Roweldo XL means that two employees from frame production are now free to work on different tasks. The speed-up kit also helps us handle production peaks.”

Existing Rottler and Rüdiger machinery, depending on the year of installation, can be retrofitted with the speed-up kit or the recently launched fill-it technology.