10-year warranty

A new 10-year steel reinforcement warranty for PVCU windows and doors is available from Anglo European.

James Lister, operations director for Anglo European, said: “We know that modern windows are high performance products. There’s a trend for bigger window sizes and the increased demand for coloured frames means they must withstand greater expansion and contraction in the sun. More windows now are also specified to stringent PAS 24 testing, Document Q and Secured By Design.

“As a specialist, we can create the best reinforcement to take into account the profile system, the hardware and the manufacturing process. Optimising the steel reinforcement reduces fabrication time, and saving time means saving money.

“Long-term price stability comes from Anglo European’s massive buying power and we hold huge stocks of steel. Bigger stocks also mean faster delivery for fabricators, in fact we can turnaround cut to size orders in just four days. Every window that’s manufactured using Anglo European steel reinforcement is covered by the new 10-year warranty.”