World first for Dekko

Dekko Window Systems has installed a new Graf Synergy machine from Haffner, enabling the trade supplier to bring the world’s first, fully seamless window to the market.

Sales director, Kurt Greatrex, commented: “Following a multi-million pound exclusivity agreement with Haffner, we’ve been able to secure the installation of this specialist machinery in our manufacturing facility, allowing us to begin production of the world’s first fully seamless window, a product that will make a huge impact for our customers.”

Dekko’s new fully seamless window comes complete with transoms and mullions, as well as cruciforms and reverse butt welding, achievable only with the Graf Synergy machine.

Kurt continued: “At Dekko, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our product offering.

“By offering a world first product, we’re giving our customers something truly unique – the seamless window not only boasts a fully seamless sash, but the latest in smart home tech.”

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