Women leading the way with software

New research from Tommy Trinder suggests that 30% of all enquiries for the firm’s Framepoint app are initiated by women.

Tommy Trinder’s business development manager, Tom Barfield, commented: “Around 20 window companies switch to using Tommy Trinder for their selling every month.

“And for around a third of firms that join us, there has been a woman’s influence at work.

“Sometimes she’ll be a partner or co-owner of the business. And, typically, she is the ‘admin supremo’, responsible for managing the sales, contracts, and survey administration process. So, she sees first-hand how much the window installer struggles to quote projects.

“And, of course, she is the first to get it in the neck from clients if things go wrong as a result of unclear or garbled sales processes; a sure-fire motivation to push for better technology!”

Tom adds that men and women have different objectives when it comes to buying software.

“Men get very excited about the potential of Tommy Trinder for making them more money. How it will eliminate costly mistakes and win more orders,” he explained. “But women tend to consider the whole experience of how the app fits into their lives, especially if they have families.

“Long hours spent toiling over quotes can have a direct impact on lack of time in the family unit. Tommy Trinder will typically save around 30 hours a month on quoting, so it solves an immediate problem.”

According to Tommy Trinder, women also play a vital important role in helping the team around them get used to using new software.

“Women see the benefits quickly and become a great advocate for adopting the app within the wider business. It definitely feels like women are the change agents in many installation businesses,” concluded Tom.