Will 2024 be the year for warm roof design?

With increasing issues, including condensation, for solid roofs that are a ‘cold roof’ design, Prefix Systems believes that 2024 will be the year in which diligent installation companies will move over to solid roof solutions that are 100% ‘warm’ by design.

Prefix Systems says it experienced with ‘increasing regularity’ throughout 2023 that it had been on site to inspect timber cold roofs that had failed due to condensation. It adds that it replaced these with its -winning Warmroof.

According to Prefix, these cold roofs had failed despite best efforts with limited ventilation.

With conservatory roofs being replaced with surprising regularity, Prefix claims that some companies are opting for a roof solution which doesn’t provide a long-term solution.

Chris Cooke, director of Prefix Systems, commented: “Ask your current solid roof supplier if their insulation sits above the rafters, if it’s a no, then it is not a warm-roof – it’s a cold roof. Furthermore, you’re at risk by installing such products in terms of remedials and importantly the risk in losing out on future referral sales,” he added.

“Warm roof design is the preferred method for roof composition across the construction sector and with good reason. It ensures roofs perform not just in terms of years, but for decades and it’s the same philosophy for Prefix.

“Our award-winnning Warmroof solution is part of a permanent solution to the home, much in the same way that a Building Inspector would prefer to see a warm roof constructed extension and it’s a must that we should – as an industry think – in the same way.”