Verified green

Pyroguard has been awarded a BRE Global Verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), spanning its entire range of Pyroguard T solutions.

The accreditation enables architects and specifiers to easily understand the environmental impact of the Pyroguard T range, subsequently supporting projects to achieve the required environmental standards.

Pyroguard T is available in large sizes to accommodate glass walls and ceilings. Consisting of toughened monolithic and laminated glasses, the range enables the transmission of natural light, provides acoustic control and thermal and solar performance, in addition to providing high levels of fire safety.

Richard Ainsworth, group technical director at Pyroguard, said: “In modern construction, there are some significant trends which are having an enormous impact on the performance expectations of buildings. Sustainability is leading the way here, meaning many buildings are now required to meet new environmental standards, encouraging architects to specify materials which contribute towards sustainability efforts, in addition to other essential criteria such as fire safety performance.

“For our entire range of Pyroguard T solutions to be recognised by third party assessors for their sustainability performance is a huge achievement. As well as highlighting our commitment to sustainability and transparency within our product life cycle, the BRE EPD further assures our customers of the complete quality they can expect when specifying our solutions on their projects.”

Verified by independent third-party assessors, EPDs are based on an analysis of a product’s life cycle, including its environmental performance, from the extraction of raw materials through to production and processing.

As part of its accreditation, Pyroguard is now listed on