Trend spotting

Edgetech Super Spacer customer JWC Group has seen big increases in the number of large units required for bifolding and sliding doors.

“Thirty years’ experience in the industry has given me a good eye for spotting trends,” Jim Churchill, managing director at JWC Group, said. “The biggest one at the moment is bifolding doors, the perfect solution for homeowners looking to improve their living areas by merging inside and outside spaces.”

JWC started using Super Spacer six years ago. With Window Energy Ratings being so widespread, the company needed a product that helped it to offer A-rated, warm edge windows, which is quick to apply, reducing labour costs.”

Another trend the Rotherham-based IGU manufacturer and fabricator is looking to capitalise on is coloured profile.

“Homeowners don’t just want white or dark brown windows anymore, they’re looking for more varied and stylish options,” Jim said. “That’s why we’ve also invested in a spray shop to help installers offer more PVCU colour choices for end-users.

“Super Spacer is the ideal product for this trend too due to the unique way the foam material reflects the frame. This simplifies our component stock requirements as we don’t have to carry many different colours of spacer bar.”

Alan Fielder, director of sales and marketing at Edgetech, said: “Thermal performance is now a given and customers, like JWC, are enjoying the additional productivity, proven durability and aesthetic benefits they have with Super Spacer.”