Thermoseal buys DecraLed

Thermoseal Group has purchased the stock and assets of North Western Lead, adding its DecraLed decorative product range to its range of IG components.

Decra Led adhesive lead strip, and wide range of Decra Glow Films, Decra Bevels, as well as infused tiles and a multitude of decorative accessories are all part of the DecraLed range, which has been manufactured for more than 60 years.  

“Purchasing the DecraLed decorative product ranges was an excellent opportunity for us to add a multitude of premium products to our ever-expanding IG component range,” Gwain Paterson, managing director at Thermoseal Group, said.

“We are a one-stop-shop for IG sealed unit manufacturers and aim to continue to expand our manufacturing operations to ensure that we are offering products which are subject to our own rigorous testing and quality control procedures. 

“There is a high demand for DecraLed coated products from international customers and we expect to develop this export business alongside our Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge product ranges.

“To date, we manufacture over 50% of the products we supply which also includes Perma Led Adhesive Lead which we purchased in 1999. In taking on DecraLed production of high quality decorative products we aim to strengthen the Decraled brand by providing innovative and interesting solutions for our customers’ decorative needs.

“We have already made significant investments in a new state-of-the-art design studio in Wigan. This studio will enable us to produce bespoke designs for our customers to incorporate into their own insulated glass products.”

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