The Consultancy sets record for Ultion-Lock

The Ultion-Lock website, developed and managed by the team at BM Group company, The Consultancy, is reported to be enjoying record levels of traffic in 2024 and increased customer engagement.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Ultion, said: “Over the past ten years, The Consultancy have done exceptional work in developing and maintaining our website, and our partnership with them has certainly bolstered our digital presence. – driving new levels of technical innovation and real competitive advantage.

“What’s particularly impressive is that, even after a decade, they are constantly enhancing what we do – delivering continual improvements in both the interface and the navigation which are translating into quantifiable commercial benefits.

“Our collaboration with The Consultancy revolutionised the way customers interact with the Ultion-Lock brand online. The seamless, user-friendly interface and aesthetically pleasing design don’t just showcase our extensive product range but, as we are seeing now, actively enhance customer engagement.”

As well as the interface, The Consultancy works extensively on the code base and performance of the Ultion-Lock website to deliver optimum mobile functionality. Nick Dutton added: “Their integration of advanced security features ensures that customer data is protected, aligning with our brand’s commitment to safety and trust. Moreover, the incorporation of responsive design techniques guarantees optimal performance across all devices, catering to our increasingly mobile audience.

“The robust e-commerce platform developed by The Consultancy also supports efficient order processing and inventory management, streamlining our operations and boosting overall efficiency. All the technical advancements they provide behind the scenes have delivered improved site performance, and these are leading to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, increased sales.”

Richie Thornton, director at The Consultancy, added: “There are obviously benefits for both sides in committing to a long term relationship with your digital supplier, but, for a client like Ultion-Lock, it means we are always in a position to plan the next innovation – and sometimes even the one after next. And that helps keep them ahead of the competition.”