Taking the pain out of returns

Emplas has launched a new customer returns procedure, designed to make returning faulty or damaged products simpler, while increasing its visibility of any issues in supply.

Emplas customers can now manage the returns process online through its digital portal EVA, with full visibility of the status of returned products, for example, awaiting collection, returned or refunded.

If it’s not possible to return a product because it would be dangerous to do so, for example, a badly damaged IGU, installers can simply register the failure and trigger the process without physically returning the product.

Kush Patel, deputy managing director at Emplas, said that the new process was simpler but also increased its visibility of process as part of Emplas’s programme of continuous improvement.

“Our customers don’t need a double hit if something isn’t right,” he said. “If there’s a manufacturing fault or something has been damaged in transit it’s going to cause them disruption. We don’t want to add to that frustration by making our customer returns process overly complicated. We’ve stripped it back, making it far simpler but also significantly improving our own ability to track returns, which means that if there’s an underlying issue in an area of manufacture, or within our supply chain, we know and we can address it.”