Systems switch

Isle of Wight fabricator GTI Glazing Systems has switched to profiles and products from Eurocell.

Director Neil Johnson said: “Service is important and we felt we weren’t receiving the support and attention that we should have, and Eurocell delivers that as well as providing well-designed, well-engineered products at a good price.

“We’re always keen to grow and we need a pipeline of new and exciting products to do that, so Eurocell fits the bill.”

The process of switching from one type of profile to another was very simple, Neil said, with a loss of just one day’s production.

“The changeover was very smooth,” he said. “We changed from one profile to another in the course of just one week and took only a couple of days to adjust the machinery.”

Founded by Neil and his two partners, Michael Roberts and Patrick Brady, in 1992, GTI Glazing Systems now has more than 50 employees and numerous installation teams specialising in all aspects of the glazing and building industry. Now fabricating up to 300 windows per week, GTI has 10 teams working exclusively on windows and conservatories, while other teams focus on commercial contracts and new build projects.