Succession plan

Dr Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of Profine Group.
Dr Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of Profine Group.

Profine UK has put in place a succession plan following the death of managing director Stefan Seidel.

Profine Group has begun the process of recruiting a new managing director for the UK who will oversee a new investment programme to support the launch of the new System 76 platform including flush, casement and fully reversible variants, along with other business initiatives.

In the interim, the existing management team will continue in their roles with full support from the group.

Dr Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of Profine Group, said: “We’re still devastated about the sad loss of our colleague and dearly respected friend, yet we are mindful that we must continue as a business. The senior management team in the UK will continue to run the day-to-day operations, with Brian McDonald taking temporary charge of all customer-facing activities. They will also have the full and committed support of my senior business associate on an interim basis.

“We have moved quickly with respect to a succession plan and the recruitment of a permanent new managing director for the UK. This appointment will build upon the outstanding work of Stefan and the team in the UK and will form a strong platform for the implementation of our future investment and business plans in the UK.”

Stefan’s funeral will be held at Lichfield and District Crematorium in Fradley at 12:30pm on Wednesday April 18, and will be followed by a reception at The Cathedral Lodge Hotel, Lichfield.

Profine Group and the family have requested no flowers and that all contributions be made to a trust fund for Angelica Seidel, Stefan’s surviving daughter.

Please RSVP to Katie Wilson at in order that the company can make the necessary arrangements in terms of numbers and also for further information about the trust fund for Angelica Seidel. The family welcome all colleagues, customers, suppliers and the industry as a whole to celebrate Stefan’s life.