Strength in numbers

Windows that are tested to meet the requirements for certification do not reflect the requirements of the real world, according to Anglo European.

The company said that while steel has always been an integral part of the strengthening of window and door frames, today it’s more important than ever, as homeowners demand wider windows with more glass and thinner frames.

Anglo European refers to them as real-world windows and they are far bigger than the size that gets tested to meet the requirements for certification.

“Surprisingly no changes have been made to the sizes of windows being tested for certification, even though there has been a big increase in the number of windows that exceed this size,” James Lister, operations director for Anglo European, said.

“We believe that the only way to tackle this issue is to have accurate information from testing real-world windows. We have an extensive testing schedule that covers all the main window systems in the UK.

“The first test results are back. We have chosen the sizes our customers are typically making, and they are wider than 1,500mm.

“We have calculated and tested the optimum level of reinforcement for real-world windows and we will soon be launching a new warranty scheme based on the results. Investing in testing means we can offer real assurances to fabricators, who in turn can pass them onto installation companies.”