Standard delivery reinstated

Emplas has reinstated pre-lockdown standard delivery day across its ranges.

Ryan Johnson, managing director of Emplas, said the trade fabricator was also pulling forward its plans for the reinstatement of pre-shutdown lead times of 10 days glazed and five days unglazed.

“The demand we’re seeing has now moved significantly beyond our early projections,” Ryan said. “Starting the return when we did has given us the time and space to adapt our processes, train our teams, and build capacity in a controlled, sustainable and, most importantly, safe manner.

“We’re now in a position to resume standard delivery days across core products and, critically, to do so while maintaining service levels and product quality so orders are delivered not only on time but in full.

“We also continue to build capacity and expect to be able to reinstate our pre-Covid lead times later this month [June].”