Space optimisation for safe distancing

Combilift is promoting its free warehouse layout and material flow consultation to ensure that companies make the best possible use of their space.

In the current circumstances, when businesses face the challenges of implementing social distancing, advice from Combilift’s team of design engineers is more valuable than ever, the company said.

One consequence of the coronavirus in the manufacturing sector in particular has been the challenge to get back to normal output levels while creating extra space in production areas so that employees maintain safe distances from each other.

Combilift’s expertise in the design and layout of premises can help overcome these challenges by maximising the production areas, which is where profit is made, while reducing the space for storage of raw materials and finished products, which engenders costs.

“By optimising both these areas companies can comply with safety requirements while maintaining output,” the company said.

Instead of its personal site survey service, Combilift has introduced a virtual system, using in-house developed technology as well as video calling apps, which is quick and straightforward. In a call with Combilift, the site owner switches their phone to video mode to show a view of the site. The Combilift representative will ask them to walk through the site, stopping at specific pinch points to take a screen grab of that area. Following this initial call, they may be asked to supply some further details on the measurements and dimensions of certain areas.

On the basis of this information, Combilift design engineers can supply animations and 3D designs in a very short time frame. These will show how a combination of the company’s layout expertise and its space-saving forklifts can optimise storage and production areas.

“We have seen a marked increase in demand for this free  service,” Combilift’s CEO Martin McVicar said.

“While many companies are not encouraging personal visits, they have the time available to communicate with us. Within just 24 hours of speaking to a site owner we can produce layout designs to show the potential benefits, which are usually much more significant than they had expected.”