Smart, as standard

Emplas has launched its new door hardware solution, which upgrades its composite and PVCU door ranges to a new ‘smart’ offer, as standard.

Developed in partnership with Avantis, the Kubu smart locking mechanism gives installers the option to up-sell composite and PVCU entrance doors with an inbuilt smart technology at no extra cost, or to continue to supply it as a ‘standard’ door.

This gives installers the opportunity to access growing end-user demand for smart-products, while removing the costs and complexity of doing so.

John Leary, sales and marketing director at Emplas, said: “We’ve worked with Avantis to remove the barriers to market entry, developing a simple but highly effective mechanism, which we can supply as standard, giving our customers the opportunity to up-sell to ‘smart’.

“As it’s cost neutral, it’s up to the installer to decide if they want to. There’s no commitment to sell a smart product. It’s about providing an option to. The same principle applies to the homeowner. They can choose to upgrade to a smart door at the point of purchase or revisit it at a later date.

“This again, delivers a series of very strong USPs at the point of retail. Cost neutrality for trade customers means that it’s up to installers if they want to sell it for a premium.”

The Kubu lock is upgraded from a standard multi-point locking system to a smart technology through the optional insertion of a Kubu battery powered module. No wiring or additional work is required.

This can then be linked by the end-user to their mobile or tablet, giving them full visibility of the status of their door in real-time through an app. Easy to set up, Kubu also works with other smart devices including Alexa.

This can also be set to deliver an alert if the owner leaves their property without securing the door, triggered as they disconnect from their home WIFI.

“Not all of our customers are going to want to sell smart technology,” John said. “If you decide that you don’t, you simply leave the frame cover caps in place. The same goes for the homeowner if they want to opt out or switch on smart technology at a later date. The point is the option and the capability are there.”