Simply efficient

The TruEnergy Aluminium Window delivers energy efficiency with few components.

Jack Aluminium Systems said its PAS 24 window system is easy to fabricate and install.

The thermal breaks are positioned efficiently, with thermal infills that slide within the section chambers, to achieve a U-value of 1.4W/m2 or lower with a double glazed unit, and 1.2 when triple glazed. This is backed by PAS 24 testing, dual cleat options and compatibility with PVCU hardware.

“Too often, thermally enhanced means that the system only works if lots of fiddly bits are inserted, or stuck on,” Jeff Pearson, sales director at Jack Aluminium, said, “which not only add unwanted time during fabrication but can come loose if the installer needs to remove the glass during fitting.

“Customers told us they want something simpler, so we developed the TruEnergy window with their needs in mind. From the moment fabricators get the profile, to the installation of the final product, the TruEnergy Window makes it really easy to produce an efficient and high performance window.

“The slimline aluminium profile can be fabricated using either crimped or mechanical Monticelli cleats. That gives an element of design flexibility, so fabricators can choose their preferred method of assembly.

“Another way in which the TruEnergy Window makes life easy is that it can use PVCU hardware. Lots of fabricators and installers supply aluminium windows alongside PVCU, but they would prefer not to double-stock on hardware.”

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