Reynaers updates key curtain walling systems

Reynaers Aluminium UK has enhanced two of its key curtain walling systems.

The latest update to Reynaers’ ConceptWall 50 (CW 50) and ConceptWall 60 (CW 60) curtain walling systems has seen the components updated along with introducing the ability to use 60mm mullions with 50mm transoms to allow larger transom spans in support of wider design capabilities.

Both systems now use the same gaskets, screws, insulators, glazing tables and glass supports, which will also help to support availability of parts during construction.

In addition to the component upgrade, Reynaers has increased the glass load capabilities and thermal efficiency of CW 60. Designed for the harsher environments high rise buildings can face, CW 60 now offers a higher weight load of 530kg.

Thermal efficiency has also been improved. Both curtain walling systems use components that are Passive House certified, achieving U-values as low as 0.8 W/m²K.

By introducing components that are compatible for both products, Reynaers says that it is also able to increase development time allowing it to predict and react to market demands faster, with no need to duplicate development and testing processes for the different systems.

Richard Jekiel, national consult manager at Reynaers, said: “CW 50 and CW 60 are incredibly popular curtain walling systems that are widely specified for a variety of projects.

“We have worked to align these two products more closely, recognising the benefits that each brings and supporting a harmonious approach to design and construction to make it easier for architects to achieve their vision.

“By offering a high level of compatibility across the two systems, we aim to further support design freedom, opening up new options and making it easy to apply components across the two systems to speed up delivery and make installation easier. This plays into availability, which can be a real issue in achieving a set vision from an architectural standpoint.

“While the overall structure of the curtain walling systems supports different loads and, as such, different applications, the upgrades now allow these to be easily used side by side to achieve an overall, uniformed aesthetic.”