‘Real time’ leads

Emplas has launched a new ‘real time’ lead generation service with consumer leads generated through its SEO campaigns instantly downloaded to installers.

Accessible through a new easy-to-use dashboard, homeowner enquiries are automatically assigned to members of the Emplas Authorised Installer Network based on postcode, as soon as they are generated.

A push notification automatically alerts installers, who can then respond directly to the prospect to schedule an appointment or assign follow-up by a member of their team.

“The lead dashboard is fully automated but also fully responsive,” Jody Vincent, Emplas’s sales director, said.

“Everything happens automatically, so there’s no delay. As soon as we generate the lead through our SEO and consumer marketing campaigns, it’s automatically issued to our customers.

“They can pick it up, respond or assign it from wherever they are. There’s no delay.”

It also gives Emplas customers access to their own CRM, allowing them to not only assign leads for follow-up but track lead progression.

“You can create and assign different roles with different levels of access,” Jody said. “So, for example, a member of the sales team will only see the leads assigned to them, through to full administrator access.

“Leads are listed according to status so you can see instantly where you are or set future actions. It automates and simplifies lead management making it far less likely that things slip through the net.”