Quality through qualifications

GQA Qualifications will be promoting its vision of achieving ‘quality through qualifications’ to visitors at this year’s FIT Show.

The qualifications are delivered through a network of over 70 training centres throughout the UK, that provide employers and employees with help and assistance to ensure learning is kept to the maximum level of competence needed to underpin industry professionalism.

Mick Clayton, CEO for the business, said: “There is a great deal to be said about the skills gap in construction related industries, and the window and door market is no different. Development through formal qualifications is a sure way of filling the gaps and will inevitably lead to an increase in consumer confidence when good, quality installations are supplied.  

“GQA aims to give assurance to consumers by qualifying individual’s skills and reinforcing their commitment to their role. New entrants and apprentices coming into the sector should have the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to provide a consumer with a well manufactured, surveyed and installed window or door and a programme of learning through qualifications, is a way of achieving this.

“There are currently multiple approved installer schemes available to the installer and GQA actively builds relationships with these organisations, allowing them to offer companies the opportunity to embrace the principles of providing ‘quality through qualifications’ and give assurance to the end-user when carrying out work in their homes.”