Quality regime pays dividends

Ecoglass has made a ‘magnificent effort’ in gaining CMS Mark approval in respect of EN1279 (sealed units) and EN12150 (thermally toughened glass) requirement standards, according to CENSolutions.

Ecoglass director Gaby Mendham said: “At Ecoglass, our mantra is ‘not all insulating glass is created equal’. This is borne out by the fact that we ensure we only use the highest quality components available within the market. All of the components used, especially the glass types, have evolved over the years giving the consumer much wider choice and greater options. Ensuring that we are at the forefront of new glass technologies means that we can provide our customers with the perfect unit for their needs.

“The team from CENSolutions has always been a great fit for us, ensuring that we constantly keep up to our own high standards through regular audits. We are very pleased to achieve a 100% pass rate. This shows all of the hard work put into our training regime and quality practices within the manufacturing environment have been taken on board by our employees and managers alike.”