Proven reliability

When Regency Glass came finally to replace its trusty 17-year-old Atego 18-tonner, only one manufacturer was in the frame – it had to be another Mercedes-Benz.

The Lancashire-based operator’s new Antos 1824 was supplied by Roanza Truck and Van. It has lined-up alongside an identical Antos, and a pair of 7.5-tonne Atego models, all of which have been supplied by the same dealer within the last 12 months.

The truck stood down to make way for the latest arrival had provided reliable service since joining the fleet in 2000. Two other Atego 18 tonners registered in 2000 and 2002, and a pair of 7.5-tonne Atego trucks which entered service in 2006, remain hard at work.

“The vehicle we’ve retired was still going strong too,” said director Wayne Fitzmartin, who runs the firm with business partner Darren Beazant. “We’ve only replaced it because it was just starting to look its age.”

Regency Glass has been running Mercedes-Benz trucks since 1991. “They’ve always proved to be exceptionally reliable and long-lived,” continued Mr Fitzmartin. “On two occasions we also tried vehicles by another manufacturer, but we won’t make that mistake again. They were simply not in the same league for build quality.”

Regency Glass has also become one of the first customers in the country for the Mercedes-Benz Uptime system.

This telediagnosis programme monitors the vehicle to which it is fitted in real time, and flags up any areas of concern, either urgent or ‘advisory’, at an early stage – it can even predict a breakdown before it happens.

The data collected ensures that optimal repair solutions can be planned in good time. So, for example, the system will flag up in advance if a wear-and-tear component might soon need to be replaced. The part can then be ordered, and time set aside for it to be fitted when the truck goes in for a scheduled check. In normal circumstances, the worn item might not have been noticed until inspected by a technician, meaning a second visit to the workshop may be required.