Products centre stage

Roseview has opened a new showroom at its headquarters in Olney, Buckinghamshire.

Roseview has created the space to give its trade and commercial clients somewhere to bring prospective customers and specifiers, and show them the three models of Rose Collection window in action.

“We spend a lot of time ensuring that our Rose Collection windows are elegant and authentic – and look great,” Mike Bygrave, Roseview’s marketing manager, said. “As such, it’s no surprise that the best way to sell them is to bring your prospective customers in to see them in person.

“Earlier this year, we showcased our three windows at the FIT Show – and what that experience really brought home to me was how little ‘selling’ they actually require. We went with the simple approach of showcasing our three products in a simple setting, and that was enough to draw in a near-constant flow of show-goers. We’ve replicated that principle with the new showroom. It’s welcoming and comfortable, but still quite minimalistic, with the products taking centre-stage. And it’s already proving incredibly successful.”