Pole position

Everglade Windows is launching a new competition, to run for the duration of this year’s Formula 1 season.

Sales and marketing director Jay Patel said: “Palladio Doors have the same monocoque structure as a Formula 1 car. The technology is used in both instances to offer superior strength to the product.

“At Everglade, we have always championed Palladio Doors for their impressive security benefits, unique design options and fantastic energy efficiency. And we’re all big Formula 1 fans too, so this new competition is a great way to bring the two together.”

The competition will be run online, on Everglade’s social media channels and via email. Everglade will ask a question about the home of each circuit before the race. Everyone who enters and answers correctly will receive a voucher worth £37 off a Palladio Door purchased from Everglade Windows.

Palladio entrance doors are manufactured from a glass fibre reinforced, monocoque construction to make them incredibly strong and secure.

“All correct answers throughout the season will also go into a prize draw to win a magnum of champagne, in the true style of Formula 1,” Jay said. “We thought it might be fun for customers. After all, what’s there to lose?”

To be notified of the competition opening, you can follow Everglade Windows on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or visit http://www.evergladetrade.co.uk/palladio-f1-comp/ for more details.