Phishing, whaling and baiting

Recognising the threat that cybercrime now presents to the window and door sector, Business Micros has produced a cybersecurity bulletin to help businesses protect themselves.

The IT specialist makes the point that it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ businesses will become targets of cybercrime but rather ‘when’, so is trying to increase awareness of the latest threats and explain to businesses what they can do to combat them.

Covering everything from ransomware and spear phishing to spoofing, whaling and baiting, the new bulletin explains the dangers to look out for.

It also gives straightforward advice on the practical security steps that everyone within a business can take to avoid being caught out.

Business Micros’ managing director Graeme Bailey said: “The figures on cybercrime are truly frightening. In the bulletin we quote a survey from a security company called Malwarebytes which shows that 54% of companies questioned had been hit by ransomware, and 58% of those had paid a ransom fee to get their data back. 28% had lost business critical data and 63% had experienced severe business downtime.

“Everyone is at risk, regardless of the size of the business, so we’ve produced this really useful bulletin for our customers to do our bit to try to help.”

The Business Micros cybersecurity bulletin will be distributed direct to Business Micros customers shortly and copies will be available on the company’s stand at the FIT Show (G30). It is also available now in the support section of the website at